What is a SaaS solution?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software distribution model in which data can be accessed using a web browser from a client via the Internet, thus avoiding the need to install and maintain software, data and computer equipment.

What are the advantages of a SaaS solution?

  • No installation: no complicated installation process or technical specifications are required, just an Internet connection. There is no need for the client to have a specialized department to support the system, thus reducing costs and investment risk.
  • No initial commitment: the product can be tried before a decision is made. ITM Platform offers a free version that can be tested and accessed freely for a trial period.
  • Security: secure means of access are provided in the application environments so that no private data can leak into the public network.
  • Scalability: the number of user licenses can be raised or lowered according to necessity.
  • Updates: regular automatic updates incorporate improvements without compromising on product functionality.

Does ITM Platform meet security standards? What security measures are included?

ITM Platform guarantees the security and control of its data through permissions and filters that are configured for each user, as well as the password length settings.

ITM Platform also offers a regular back-up service and data recovery with immediate data availability.

If you wish to increase the degree of security surrounding your information and physical access, the following options are available: SaaS, Dedicated SaaS, OnDemand Physical, OnDemand Cloud, OnDemand VPN. Please contact info@itmplatform.com for further information.

Where is my data stored?

On the ITM Platform servers, under the security measures described above.

Is there a data storage limit on ITM Platform?


How is ITM Platform updated?

You will benefit from new updates as and when we announce them via our newsletter. At ITM Platform, we consider all the suggestions offered to us by our clients. We therefore encourage you to send any ideas and suggestions you may have to info@itmplatform.com

Can ITM Platform be customized?

ITM Platform offers the chance to set parameters for values, change certain settings and create templates, content and various procedures.

If you need more custom settings, please contact info@itmplatform.com

How do I get a web demo of ITM Platform?

It’s very simple. Just send us an e-mail to info@itmplatform.com and we will contact you to arrange a date for a personal presentation of the solutions adapted to your specific requirements.

Can I shut down my account at any time?

Yes, without any risk of losing your data.

What are the payment methods?

ITM Platform offers two payment methods: by PayPal, using a credit card or by bank transfer.

Which currencies can be used for payment?

Euros or US Dollars.

How can I contact ITM Platform?

ITM Platform has offices and partners in various countries. You can contact any of them by e-mail to info@itmplatform.com. We will be glad to help you.