The best price for Project Management solutions

For functionality, scalability, low risk and flexibility, Check with our calculator below to see for yourself

All licenses can be customized through roles, usually modified to limit access to certain functions. For example, an accountant may need access to the billing and period-closing sections only, which can be done by limiting that particular role to all other options. Let us help you with our tool calculator to estimate a price according to your needs.

Full Access

The full access license allows the user to handle groups of projects or services, as well as create new items such as users, projects, providers, customers etc. It grants access to all features. A user requiring access to reports, dashboards, portfolio, program, budget and/or configuration will need this license.

Project Manager

Provides access and gives full control within a project. Allows the user to manage teams, create tasks, upload documents, manage risks and budgets, the Gantt chart, and other sections within the scope of the project.

Team Member

A team member has access to the tasks they have been assigned to: the document section, the hours reporting system (web and mobile), and the social enterprise communication system. They can also be assigned as a task manager to follow up on tasks and perform other administrative functions.

Project Guest

A read-only license for certain sections of a project (General, Team, Documents and Communication). A Project Guest will thus be able to participate in discussions with the project team and access documentation, with the rest remaining hidden. They will not be able to be assigned to tasks.


No license is required for these users, who can be assigned tasks, have cost rates, etc. These users cannot connect to the system, although they are part of it. Unlimited no-login users can be created at no cost.