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Prioritize what’s best for your business, control project financials, and use real-time information to report how projects are performing.

14-day free trial

14-day free trial

Here are some of the features that will help you with project management

Programas de negocio

Portfolio and programs

Manage your entire portfolio in a fully-featured solution. Structure your projects within business programs. Set goals and assess results.

Cuadros de mando y alineamiento

Align strategy with execution

Make project decisions based on business priorities and real-time data.

Importación de MS Project y API

Integrations and API

ITM Platform coexists happily with your current software. Report efforts from Slack, import your Gantt charts from MS Project, or connect ITM Platform with your existing systems using our API for developers.

Seguimiento de proyectos, servicios y tareas

Classic and Agile

Manage your projects in predictive mode using our Gantt Chart or in agile mode with Kanban boards.

Gestión de recursos

Resource management

Manage all your project resources from a unified portfolio view. Match demand and allocation effortlessly.

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Our customers opinion

“ITM Platform provides great value for companies from small start-ups to large enterprises. It facilitates the management of organizational activities due to its user friendly interface, allowing the coordinated management of projects and project portfolio without bureaucracy.”

Alberto Altuzarra

Productivity program director, Grupo Lala

“We needed a tool to automate our work; ITM Platform allowed us to increment the maturity with ease and with the level of support we expected.”

Miguel Bastos Xequé

Project Management Office, Bepensa

“ITM Platform is the vehicle that allows us to meet our objectives; which is to meet customer expectations whilst delivering project on time, within budget and at the expected quality level.”

Alberto Miguel Benito

Head of project management department, Telefónica On The Spot Services

“In comparison to other products, ITM Platform enhances your ability to manage projects by virtually bringing every aspect of the project to your fingertips. It can become an integrator that connects the organization (management and people on the field), its clients and the projects they run.”

Anel Ndosa

Chairman, PMI

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