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Here are all the features that will help you with project management

Seguimiento de proyectos, servicios y tareas

Project management

Manage your organization while working with detailed information on all your current projects, services and tasks. Always work in a web environment, and ensure that every new decision is automatically reflected throughout the organization.

Gestión de tareas

Task management

Focus task management on ensuring task completion while controlling progress by department, task manager, status or priority. Work with task-based files, assigning them to teams, task managers and project managers.



Monitor all your revenue information. Know the margin on each project at every stage. By linking targets with revenue per task, you can produce real data- rather than forecasts- and correct deviations more easily.

Gestión de clientes


ITM Plaform simpliflies decision making by organizing information into clear tables and graphs. Facilitate interaction with clients by sharing information and data to help resolve projects together.

Importación de MS Project y API

Import MS Project and API

Harness the option to import your projects from MS Project for complete data integration and use the API to integrate ITM Platform with your existing applications and databases.

Gestión de recursos

Resource management

We bring you the resources to comprehensively manage all the elements of your teams. You can decide the size, coordinators and goals of both internal and external teams.

Cellular APP

Cross-platform APP

With ITM Platform, theory can be readily be turned into practice. Add mobility and make the most of your time with our specially designed iPhone and Android web platform.

Multiidioma y multimoneda

Multi-language and multi-currency

Eliminate communication barriers by working with the same information in different languages and currencies for a single project. ITM Platform allows this option to be configured for each user in a base environment in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Programas de negocio

Portfolio and programs

If you have set various business targets, structure your projects and services within business programs for each one. Similarly, work with the portfolio in an organized manner. ITM Platform offers this individual and compared assessment tool in order to help you make decisions focused on  your business objectives.

Costos y presupuesto

Spending and budgets

Manage your budgets, calculating costs easily, with a multi-currency option for invoicing with suppliers and clients. ITM Platform offers this tool for controlling hourly, standard, real and external costs.

Cuadros de mando y alineamiento


ITM Platform puts projects management in your hands. From the dashboard, you can assign and designate projects, tasks and services to your network. Organizing, involving, and collaborating with teams is made simple.

Gestión de proveedores

Supplier management

Choose suppliers based on real efficacy and profitability data. By adding supplier information in ITM Platform, you will have up-to-date reports on their services, costs and hours. This can be used to negotiate your budgets and collaborate with the best.

Gestión de documentos

Document management

The documentation incorporated into ITM Platform can be updated and organized by task, project, program, team or department in order to find everything quickly. Everything is kept in the same place and can be shared with clients, suppliers and staff at your discretion.

Red social integrada

Integrated social network

Share your decisions online. Create a team based on online information. ITM Platform creates conversations linked to each activity, with the option to share documentation via a system based on social media networks.

Campos personalizables

Custom fields

Do you want to define how you control the information on your projects? You have the option to add all sorts of fields and use the ones you need in an entirely customizable fashion.

soporte y capacitación online

Online support and training

When you purchase ITM Platform, the price of the license includes any support you need to answer questions and, if necessary, online training sessions for you and your team.

Why ITM Platform?

For all kind of organizations

For all kinds of organizations

Designed for small organizations that think big and large ones that like it simple.

Software as a Service

Software as a Service (SaaS)

No complex rollouts, hardware investments or large parameter-ization projects.

Security and confidentiality

Security and confidentiality

Ensured confidentiality. Anytime, you can download and backup all your data.

Scalable and low cost

Scalable and affordable

low-cost solution with no commitments, lock-in contracts or exclusivity conditions; you can adjust user volume at any time.