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Change management: what we do or what we are?

Change management is an area of ​​highly formalized management. When there are high degrees of formalization, it is easy to get lost in standardized procedures and lose sight of the purpose of the change…

At what age do kids learn to run projects in Finland?

We look at how Finland have adopted Project-based learning in their educational system. Finnish schools are required to have in their curriculum, for children aged 7-16 with at least an extended period of Phenomenon-Based Learning…

Software Resilience

When evaluating different tools, soft virtues such as the ability to adapt to different situations are often overlooked.

How to cope with resistance to change in your organization

Making organizational changes in any process, work methodology or project management system is, in itself, a very difficult project to manage. Try these tips in your organization for a smoother change management process.

Collaboration generates project value

Imagine that you could quantify the value that collaboration contributes to your projects. Discover how to optimize your project collaboration.

Turn your PMO into a resource pool

In addition to the “weather station” and the “control tower”, Casey and Peck distinguish a third type of Project Management Office: the “pool of resources”. Often, this type of PMO is more simply named by its directive capacity…