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How to Choose a PPM Tool

Selecting the right PPM tool for your organization is a significant step towards aligning your project portfolio to the business strategy, and it doesn’t come without challenges and risks. This article lays out a path to make objective and solid decisions to choose the software solution that matches your company’s actual needs.

Lean Portfolio Management: Benefits and challenges

Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) improves the way organizations make decisions about project and product development. In this post, we thoroughly analyze its components, its benefits, and how to evaluate whether LPM is for your organization.

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A guide to revenue recognition and project management

This guide lays out the key questions to fully understand revenue recognition, the difference between cash flow and revenue, the five golden rules that set the standard for revenue recognition, and analyzes the primary methods for calculating revenue recognition.

Tracking Projects Based on Agile Methodology

If your company uses agile project management, you’ll find tracking progress differs significantly from the waterfall predictive model.
Here we unpack the mysteries of Burndown Charts and Cumulative Flow Diagrams

How to make remote work a success

There are unique opportunities and challenges that come with working remotely. Here we define what remote teams are, explore advantages and disadvantages and how to successfully work from home.

6 elements to consider when defining a PMO framework

Everyone´s starting point is different, but we can all agree you need a steady foundation when building anything and your PMO´s framework is no exception. It should be clear and shared by the entire organization. We’ll guide you through planning,...

How to manage demand with Zapier

Managing the demand for internal and transformation projects is a complex and frustrating process for limited capacity work teams. The key to success is not to try to do everything, but to classify, prioritize and communicate with intelligence. In this article we teach how to simplify demand management using Zapier and ITM Platform.