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The adventure of polymers: How to base a start-up in program management

The day to day operations of Onyriq include the management of its research projects with ITM Platform. “We work with ITM Platform for both the execution of our projects and the development of proposals to clients, Since we calculate the differences between the proposal and the actual project (in budget, time and activities), that allows us to better know its profitability.” Read more here…

CIOs lead a PMO… even if they don’t know it

With the consolidation of project management offices in all types of organizations and the emergence of good start-up and operation practices, PMOs have become a clear model for the management of internal projects in large corporations. Read more here…

New collaboration with UTPFR in Brazil

Let’s face it—collaboration has become a mission. But we are bringing back the joy of working together, as we announce our new collaboration with one of Brazil’s top universities and symbol of Curitiba, Federal University of Technology – Paraná (UTFPR). Read more here…

Errors in Change Management

The mistakes in these attempts to manage change not only involve an economic and personal expense that does not produce any kind of benefit, but that set the precedent of a failed change. This creates in the workers a negative predisposition to adopt changes in the future…

How subject matter experts can help and hinder projects

Subject matter experts are highly sought after by project managers and project teams to provide unique expertise for solving a problem or meeting a technology challenge. They often act as key advisors because of their deep understanding of a certain topic. This may be an area of knowledge, a process, a system, software or a piece of equipment. The unique perspective of a subject matter expert can inform content within the project, or the execution of the project itself.

Managing project quality: insurance case study

PMBOK’s fifth area of ​​knowledge refers to all activities and processes related to responsibilities, policies and quality objectives. Quality is a key pillar in project management.

Portfolio prioritization of innovation projects

Innovative projects often respond to multiple value propositions that make them difficult to compare with one another. Fortunately, there are quantitative techniques that allow consensus-building and prioritization to contribute to truly important aspects.

The power of words: communicating change

Effectiveness of internal change projects requires effective leadership that is able to be influential without coercion, to persuade through seduction, and to recognize the complexity of influence in corporate settings. Read more here…