eBook: The roadmap to define your own project management office

Projects act almost like separate organizations. Centralizing your projects in a PMO is a great response, but can quickly turn into your most complex project. Our new free e-book “PMO: Roadmap to Define your Own Project Management Office” contains everything you need to identify the best functions and responsibilities for your PMO, and to start getting more from your projects.

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PMO and Portfolio Management
With Linky Van De Merwe

Test: Do you really have what it takes to direct a PMO?

Take this quiz to discover the basic aspects of your corporate culture, maturity or environmental conditions.

Microtool: Risk Assessment Matrix

The risk assessment matrix allows you to register, quantify and share collaboratively risks for projects, businesses, processes or any other context in which you are working.

Template: EXH

Many employees abandon mandated project management solutions, and rather use whichever software they personally prefer. With our Employee eXperience Hypothesis (EXH) template you can focus on what your employees need and are likely to keep using.

Template: Project selection with scenarios

This guide illustrates the calculations used in ITM Platform’s project programs prioritization system.

Study: ITM Platform vs PPO

Discover all the advantages of ITM Platform with respect to PPO with this comparison between the two solutions.

Study: ITM Platform vs MS Project

Discover all the advantages of ITM Platform with respect to Microsoft Project with this comparison between the two solutions.