PPM Tools: Comparison Template

Here is a free and easy way to compare PPM tools. You can create, score and compare tools based on their category and respective features and functionality with your very own customized template. 

eBook: How to set up a sustainable PMO with ITM Platform

This guide walks you through the design and implementation process of a PMO, encompassing both technical and organizational aspects. It will help you incorporate a PMO into your company as smoothly as possible.

eBook: 7 Reasons organizations resist adopting a PPM tool and how to deal with them

Sometimes PMO's receive pushback to changes like adopting a new tool. This eBook shows you how to successfully implement a Project, Program and Portfolio Management (PPM) tool and tackle common barriers to change.

White Paper: Project-based Management

In this white paper on Project-based Management (PBM), we provide a set of best practices aimed at helping C-level executives manage their project portfolio while integrating your company's strategic plan.

Assessment: PMO & Organization

This assessment evaluates key aspects of your organization such as the conditions, culture and maturity level.

eBook: The roadmap to define your own project management office

Centralizing your projects in a PMO can quickly turn into your most complex project. This free eBook contains everything you need to know to start getting the most from your projects.

Template: Project selection with scenarios

This guide illustrates the calculations used in ITM Platform’s project programs prioritization system.

Microtool: Risk Assessment Matrix

This risk assessment matrix allows you to register, quantify and share collaboratively risks for any projects, businesses and processes you may be working on.

Study: ITM Platform vs PPO

Discover all the advantages of ITM Platform with respect to PPO with this comparison between the two solutions.

Study: ITM Platform vs MS Project

Discover all the advantages of ITM Platform with respect to Microsoft Project with this comparison between the two solutions.

Download your Power BI Template

These templates provide charts and analysis based on best project management practices. Follow the instructions to connect it to your ITM Platform account and start customizing it.