ITM Platform’s new presence on Zapier does just that: save you tedious task management work.

So many companies have turned away from on-premises solutions and embraced cloud-based apps to power core business units such as software development, financial controlling or project management, not to mention sales and marketing operations. Whenever a company identifies implications of one area over another, a logical question is whether the two solutions implied can be connected together with an integration.

This challenge has been made much easier with Zapier. In case you don’t know it, Zapier is a web service that allows to connect hundreds of apps without writing a single line of code. As an ITM Platform customer, you have now hundreds of new possibilities to manage your projects with a lot less manual work.

Collect all your tasks with ITM Platform and Zapier

No matter the parcel of the cloud where they live, if there’s a Zapier trigger you can collect your tasks in ITM Platform

The tools you use will often do things like track customer tickets, gather useful feedback from colleagues or store sensitive files. Sometimes, this information can become actionable when it’s recorded in ITM Platform. For example, you can assign that task to a team member, or calculate how long it will take to solve it and the associated cost.

With ITM Platform and Zapier you can collect the information sent from another tool and create a task in a project of your choice. Similarly to Teambot (our app on Slack), the focus is on the combination of simplicity and visibility.

For example, you can feed a kanban board on ITM Platform with inputs from simple task managers, like Asana or Trello, and then administrate costs and risks from ITM Platform.

Or you can use a Google Sheet to type in all the requirements of a project and have an automatically populated project in ITM Platform.

There are also less obvious uses that can be really useful, like capturing Gmail e-mails, Wunderlist tasks or Slack starred messages to be captured as tasks with a single click.

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