We all know the importance of social networking when it comes to personal and professional relationships. Let us see how ITM Platform applies enterprise social communication in collaborative work and projects.

The planning of projects, budgeting, resource estimation, portfolio tracking... All of that is very significant, but projects have to be done, and this does not depend on the system, but people.

In general, all projects, whether they are construction, engineering, administrative or development, have something in common in their execution: communication between members of the team. Here is where ITM Platform comes in, offering a system:

  • That is understandable and easy to use
  • That brings conversations around relevant elements
  • Is secure
  • Is accessible from any device

social enterprise communication The mechanism to publish a message is very simple, just write something related to the project on which you are working and it will be shared with members of the team who have access to the particular section, task, project or item in which the post is located.

For example, if you open the "Risks" section of the "Customer care center" project, the message will be visible only by those who have access to this section.

From that moment on, it will be possible to start a conversation with a comments system very similar to the more popular social networks, being assured that only those authorized can access and participate in it.

social enterprise communication

Automatic notifications coming from the system will be reflected in the communication panel, as, for example, the assignation to a task.

Additionally, preferences to receive these notifications by e-mail can be set, ensuring that you don’t miss anything important.

comunicacion-social-empresarial4Each user will find in their personal communication panel (either on their mobile device or the web), messages that concern them, messages that have been sent by other people or whether automatic system notifications. Thus, each user will have a different and personalized communication vision.

In a complementary way, each project, service, or program has in the main section a communication panel with all messages related to the same topic, whether they come from the general tab, a particular task or any project section.

This is the way in which information flows naturally between different elements managed among ITM Platform and its users. In addition, it is possible to add a privacy level and send private messages between users that also can be related to projects and its elements.

In conclusion, the objective of this system is twofold:

  • For the team members, a simple and familiar mechanism that allows sharing of information that is relevant to their work.
  • To the project or organization manager and the organization itself, ITM Platform provides a single information and communication point, avoiding dispersion and dilution of responsibility caused by email. Additionally, it is a shared communication instrument that allows implementing practices related to the motivation of the team and the award collaboration.

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