In project management, the sets of tasks that are performed when finalizing activities are often misunderstood, or are simply not practiced correctly. Formally completing a project, or phase of a contractual obligation, should entail a number of essential tasks.

It should be noted that premature closures of projects can always occur, which can throw a spanner in the works. But for standard closures of projects, or phases of projects:

- Obtain permission from the customer/client/sponsor to formally close the project.
- Register the impacts of the adaptation process.
- Document notes or lessons learnt.
- Apply updates to the assets of the organization's processes.
- Archive all the relevant project documents in the information system for project management or PMIs, to be used as historical data.
- Close all procurement activities and ensure the completion of all relevant agreements.
- Conduct assessments and release relevant resources.

The closure of projects is an important process and the significance of carrying out all of the steps above is great. Remember, with ITM Platform we can help you manage your project closures and all other aspects of your project management, for that matter, more easily, more efficiently and more effectively.

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