ITM Platform has just launched a self-assessment tool aimed at any organization that may have doubts about their project governance.

Under the title "Do you have what it takes to run your PMO?", this self-assessment tool is aimed at companies that are considering starting a new Project Management Office, as well as companies that already have one, but they perceive difficulties in the definition of their functions.

The test analyzes the current situation of the organization in three axes: organization, talent and environmental conditions. By crossing maturity into these three factors, we identify the moment the organization is in and we can provide recommendations on how to move forward.

The origin of the project stems from the good reception of the e-book "PMO: Roadmap to define your own Project Management Office". Building on the comments received, the ITM Platform team identified the most critical areas that can block or accelerate project governance.

Sharing and improving knowledge of the sector

The test is launched with the intention of encouraging reflection within the organizations of the sector. For this reason, we encourage all participants to share the test with the rest of their organization so they can compare their results, discuss discrepancies, and delve into the motivations and challenges of project governance.

Participants' responses will be used in aggregate form to study the status of the project manager community and to continue our mission of democratizing project management.

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