As a PMO manager, team manager, or project manager responsible for delivering results, you understand the complexity of project management. It demands seamless collaboration, coordination, and communication among all stakeholders to succeed.

In this post, we delve into the vital role Team Members also play in achieving the expected outcomes. 

By offering free Team Member licenses, ITM Platform is fostering a collaborative environment where Project Managers can engage all team members to focus on delivering the best project outcome rather than worrying about the cost.

The participation of team members encompasses several essential aspects:

  • Work execution
  • Time management
  • Progress reporting

Let’s break them down.

Work execution

Team members are the backbone of a project as the ultimate workforce that make outcomes possible. Three key dimensions impact the success of their efforts:

  • When team members feel a sense of belonging, they are more motivated and committed to delivering high-quality work.
  • Clear communication and collaboration with project managers, other team members, and stakeholders help ensure everyone works towards a common goal.

    Team Members’ access to the PPM tool provides them with an opportunity to share ideas and thoughts, leading to a more collaborative and inclusive approach to project management. 
  • Realistic view of progress: Team members provide a down-to-earth vision of the actual project status, which allows project managers to identify risks and address any issues early on.

By ensuring that these three aspects are in place, project managers can create a positive and productive work environment that leads to successful outcomes.

The PPM workforce pyramid: Team members are the foundation of project success

Time management 

Team members are pivotal to project time management, both in the effort estimates and the actuals. Why this matters:

  • Task effort estimation helps forecast schedules, resources, and costs, allowing project managers to make informed decisions. This is essential for both waterfall and agile projects to stay on track and within budget, and ensures mid and long-term resource availability.
  • Effort estimation is a continuous learning process that helps project managers to improve their accuracy over time

    Task managers and project managers can learn from past experiences and refine their estimation techniques by comparing initial estimations with actuals. Through regular practice, effort estimation becomes a valuable tool for project success, helping managers to stay on top of schedules, resources, and costs.
  • The accuracy of time reporting by team members plays a crucial role in determining the cost, both in terms of time and money, of individual tasks and the overall project.

    While timesheets can be a burden to complete, ITM Platform has a user-friendly interface that makes the process quick and painless. Team members will be able to see the benefits of accurate effort reporting, without feeling weighed down by the task of completing timesheets.
All-in-one timesheet that allows reporting progress and collaboration with comments

Progress reporting

Project progress report and status, especially in waterfall projects, is based on the progress of each task. That's why task progress reporting is essential.

  • Team members can act as task managers and provide accurate progress reports for realistic project tracking. Their involvement leads to informed decisions and a successful project outcome.
  • Without task managers’ participation, project managers are left to rely on their own assumptions about the current status of the project. This can result in unrealistic progress reporting and incorrect decision-making. 

    Project managers simply cannot stay on top of the details of every single task, and they need the involvement of team members to get an accurate picture of what is happening. 

The input of the Team Members is essential so that the project manager has accurate information about the status of their project. Otherwise, progress will be unrealistic.

In conclusion, Team members provide valuable insights into time management, opportunity cost, communication, shared vision, and project progress. 

By offering Team Member licenses for free, ITM Platform is making project management more accessible and inclusive. Take advantage of this opportunity and utilize free Team Member licenses to improve your project management today!

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