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With ITM Platform Teambot your organization can use ITM Platform from Slack and support its project management needs. ITM Platform Teambot reminds of pending work and facilitates reporting. Resources assigned to projects and teams on ITM Platform can report their progress and check their assignations using simple commands and buttons from their Slack chatbox, without having to log into ITM Platform every time.

Want all the Teambot expertise? Visit our tutorial on how to use all the different commands.
Or follow the activation instructions to launch the Teambot on your Slack environment.

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Teambot is for team members

Team members can manage their tasks and projects from their Slack chatbot with the
/itmplatform command family.


Recall projects and tasks in seconds


Reporting with built-in timer

Enter the time you have worked on a task and communicate your efforts to the project manager with the command below or the Report Hours button.

You can also hit the start button to activate the timer and the stop button to let Teambot know when you’re done.



Report Progress

Let your project manager know what’s the completion percentage of a task


Comment visibility

Add new comments to a task or project so ITM Platform keeps track of them for other users



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