white team members are gathering pieces of a puzzleIs 6 seconds is enough time to judge a resume?

According to experts, that’s all it takes! That means you have 6 seconds to prove why your CV is worth an interview or else it’s just another trip to the trash.

Project management jobs can be very competitive and difficult to get into. The first thing you must do is stop focusing on the standard qualifications needed for the job. Recruiters have seen it all before; the business degree, the perfect GPA, valedictorian, etc. The best way to really grab their attention is by giving them something unexpected.

Include these 4 things to set yourself apart from the rest and land the job

International Experience

There’s nothing better to boost your resume and leave a lasting impression than showing you’ve worked abroad. Living and working in a different country than your own is truly a challenge. It demonstrates you’re ability to adapt to new environments, take on responsibility and be independent. Furthermore, it shows that you have a genuine will to learn new things and broaden your knowledge. These are all key attributes associated with great project managers!

Use this experience to your fullest advantage. Try to master a new language during your time away. Bilingual and multilingual employees are key assets for companies, especially for those looking to expand globally. Understanding how your country’s work cultures and business interactions are different than those around the world will also help to give you a competitive edge. Employers value individuals who have had first-hand experience and can help them understand how to effectively target different markets.


This means more than just donating some money to a local charity fund. Prove to be the ambitious and caring individual we all know you are by participating in community events or mission trips around the world. Exemplary project managers treat their team members with the utmost respect and genuinely care for the work they are doing. By supporting non-profit organizations you prove to recruiters that you have good values and can remain loyal to a company even without the promise of a high pay – and that is priceless.


Resume’s are professional pieces of work but it’s important to add a personal touch to them as well to help show your individuality and unique character. Including side projects or ventures you have passionately invested your time and effort in will demonstrate your drive and dedication to completing future projects. Moreover, this will back up your claim of always wanting to learn and improve yourself. Remember, these don’t have to be professional projects!

It’s perfectly acceptable to include things unrelated to your field or things you’ve done for fun. It will still show that you are an ambitious individual and you’re committed to the work that you do.

Leading a Team

You can’t be a great project manager if you’re not a good coach. Employers look for candidates who they think are capable of managing and leading large teams. Using your spare time to coach a community swim team gives you an opportunity to develop valuable skills employers look for. Coaching a team requires coordinating practice schedules, developing strategies, evaluating individual players and providing them with feedback. Each of these tasks will appear throughout your career as a project manager and having this experience will be useful. Don’t undervalue being a team coach, learn how you can get involved and include your experience in your next application.

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