Without organization, it is impossible to meet the deadlines of a project. We live in a competitive society in which victory is only achieved by those business organizations capable of developing projects that are delivered on time and organized perfectly. Hence, organizing a schedule is essential for any project manager and at any company worth its salt as it represents the foundations on which the results from a project will be based. The manager must be a responsive and organized person capable of faithfully reproducing their ideas in order to communicate with the group, convey the schedule and meet the final targets and implementation goals.

So, how do we create an organizational program or schedule to suit our project? Below are the key pieces of advice for managing this successfully.

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  • Create a group and form a team
    The project manager must be capable of successfully influencing people so that they form a tight-knit group that works in unison. They will be able to delegate to other team members and motivate the rest. Furthermore, the overall outlook will help offer ideas that might perfect the schedule. Several brains together think better than one on its own.
  • Include all aspects
    We should include all client requirements in the schedule, organize them and list the most important of them. A piece of advice: start with the most difficult and urgent, and leave the easiest until the end.
  • Set goals and rewards
    There should be key dates for closing stages of the process - just like goals - in order to reveal whether or not we are on the right path. So, setting goals and offering rewards are factors that will enable the team to remain fresh and motivated.
  • Estimate fairly
    It is important to take the time needed to create a roadmap and adjust activity based on the experience and tasks of each person. The ideal method is to assign duties based on what each person is capable of doing.
  • Foresee last-minute emergencies
    No matter how careful you are, unexpected eventualities always arise that use up the time allowed at the start of the schedule. One good piece of advice is to include extra time for emergencies when creating the project organization chart.
  • Create a control panel
    The army is an institution that works because it has a hierarchy that nobody disrespects. Therefore, a control panel is necessary and, although some decisions may be group decisions, final responsibility must lie with the project manager or leader.

In short, a project is a tough undertaking and depends on a combination of multiple factors, people and tasks for successful conclusion. If you follow this advice properly, the project will go smoothly and you will avoid additional problems (thanks to a schedule).

“Success is not achieved only with special qualities. It is primarily a work record, method and organization”. J. P. Sergent

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