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A critical discussion of project value

In order to understand the business value of a project we have to put it into the context of the organization: its mission, vision, strategy and goals. We must understand the environment it operates in: customers, competitors, regulatory and legal considerations. How does the organization get things done, i.e. what are the processes and tools used?  What resources and competences does the organization have? How is the organization structured and governed?

The adventure of polymers: How to base a start-up in program management

The day to day operations of Onyriq include the management of its research projects with ITM Platform. “We work with ITM Platform for both the execution of our projects and the development of proposals to clients, Since we calculate the differences between the proposal and the actual project (in budget, time and activities), that allows us to better know its profitability.” Read more here…

PM in Practice 4. The Pentagon: How excellence does not prevent waste

The Pentagon is not only the symbol of the most powerful military power in the world, but the supreme governing body of the American military: the public organization that has contributed the most to the consolidation of project management as a discipline. Read more…

At what age do kids learn to run projects in Finland?

We look at how Finland have adopted Project-based learning in their educational system. Finnish schools are required to have in their curriculum, for children aged 7-16 with at least an extended period of Phenomenon-Based Learning…

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