blue project manager, white team members, arrows, graphs, paperworkA project manager is someone who the person responsible at the company has assigned the task of leading a team of people with a view to achieving certain objectives. They are the person with complete responsibility over the planning and execution of any project. They can also be referred to as team manager, team leader, project leader or project coordinator.

In order to achieve their goals, a project manager must have a series of fundamental characteristics. They must be an organized, passionate and goal-oriented person whose main skill is an ability to recognize the risks that affect the success of a project through constant measurement of internal or external factors that could pose a risk.

After identifying these risks, a project manager must act as a facilitator of change to guide their team and convert individual or collective weaknesses into strengths with a view to completing the task.

To that end, their skills must include a high level of inquisitiveness that will enable them to know what everyone involved in the project is thinking, as well as a well-developed ability to resolve interpersonal conflict.

In short, their role is to understand the organization so its members can learn, change and achieve successful project completion.

Responsibilities of a Project Manager

The responsibilities of a project manager can be boiled down to the satisfaction of needs; task-related needs, team-related needs and the individual needs of each team member.

A project manager thus becomes the connecting link between a strategy to be followed and team that must follow it. Hence, a project manager must adapt the strategy to the team and the team to the strategy so they can both work towards project success.

Skills of a Project Manager

A project manager must combine general skills in terms of management with specific skills in the area of the project they wish to manage.

Therefore, the skills of a project manager can be categorized as follows:

  • Both in terms of general project management and in terms of the aspects relating to management of the specific project.

  • A project manager who is passionate about a stimulating project is an important guarantee for success. A project manager considers the project goals as personal goals and manages to convey that feeling to the rest of the team, which motivates everyone to work together and achieve the goal.

  • They understand leadership skills, the ability to build interpersonal relationships and other characteristics that enable trust and communication to be developed between team members.

Besides all these personal skills, a good project manager is someone capable of using the best software tools available for streamlining their own work and that of their team. At ITM Platform, we offer a secure and reliable project management tool in which major companies have placed their trust. You can try it for free by visiting our website.

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