Collaborative work has changed the workplace. Every day more and more companies are choosing to work remotely from home. Thus, office maintenance costs are saved and the quality of life of workers is improved.

The savings in time and transportation, added to the greater schedule flexibility achieved with these new work systems, means every day more workers are choosing this system, because for workers it is easier to accommodate work and family life.

According to satisfaction studies both workers and companies prefer this method to the traditional office system.

In addition, telecommuting enables companies to choose workers located anywhere in the world, on the sole criterion their suitability for the job offered, without geographical restrictions.

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Even for those who decide to continue with the traditional office work, the use of remote working tools allows a degree of interaction and flexibility that they could not otherwise get.

In a world in which the use of technology is essential for communications and business, using the appropriate software can make the difference between the success and failure of your business.

In this article we'll give you some tips to help you choose the best collaboration software for your company.

Identifying the problem

In order to find a solution, it should raise the problem that needs to be solved. The software will be different depending on your needs. Just as there are sectors where communication is more important than in other more traditional sectors, it is not the same as an international company with hundreds of employees than a local company with few employees who tend to live near their workplace.

Users also participate in the decision making

The company decisions that affect everyone should have the greatest possible consensus, especially those who will be affected by the changes and, after all, use the tool. If they like it and it suits them, adoption is feasible; otherwise, it will become quite a problem.

Good software requires good implementation to squeeze the most out of its technological capabilities, achieve maximum efficiency and get the most benefit for the workers themselves and for the company.

Therefore, the choice of a particular type of software should have the opinions of all the staff who will be using it.

A practical example would be the design of a hospital. Doctors and nurses should be the first port of call when it comes to designing a hospital. The distribution of space and resource management cycles should include information and advice from healthcare workers who subsequently use the facility. In other words, distributing the different services so that they can provide the best patient care is something that exceeds the limits of architecture and economic management.

Returning to project management, using IT solutions can be a breakthrough, as long as they are understood and properly used by the personnel involved, you should obtain answers and solutions to their questions or problems. Therefore, the adoption process must include information collection cycles, both formal and informal. Discussion sessions, surveys or even the use of software testing by the technical staff are some of the alternatives.

Evaluate programs from different companies

When evaluating alternatives, it is likely that most companies offer a similar basic service, so this section will not help you decide on one or the other. However, if you dig deeper under the conditions that each offers, you will note that differences do exist. Some present more complex algorithms or specific utilities that help you perform the most complicated of tasks.

For example, in the case of ITM platform we present, among other utilities, a specifically integrated communication functionality in each of the work panels.

Another increasingly popular trend in both the United States and the rest of the world, is the utilization  of team communication platforms such as Slack. This company is looking to transform business communication by adopting the traditional model of chat rooms and adapting them to the needs of modern organizations. One of the most interesting aspects is the fact that, similarly to giants Facebook or Google, Slack are opening an ecosystem of apps developed by third parties with simple text commands entered using the backslash key. While some are humorous, like the one that lets you send animated images taken from giphy, other apps can solve quick calculations or retrieve specific information that a member of another department may need, without opening another window. This communication tool is evidently improving productivity within the workplace.

Consider software integration

Whatever system you choose, it should be integrated into your workflow and accessible to all members of your team.

So, ideally, this would be a cloud software that allows synchronization of all information anytime, anywhere and at the same time allows the maximum number of tasks without leaving the software itself.

Quantify the impact for your company

Introducing the use of online solutions for project management will undoubtedly be a positive change for your company. Although in the early days an extra effort will have to be made to learn to use the software, however, soon you will see that its simple and easy to use interface has much to contribute to your business.

You may have the feeling that it has increased your efficiency and productivity. However, until we quantify its results we cannot know exactly how much the new tool brings.

In the case of ITM Platform, the transition is simple. The platform is cloud based, offers a wide variety of features and is scalable so you do not pay for anything you don’t need.Why not give it to your project managers to test?

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