Nowadays, many companies have decided that teamwork is the most effective method of getting things done. But what happens during difficult times like a change of deadline, or change in work approach?
Then you, as the person in charge of the project’s administration, have to motivate everyone and simultaneously prove that collaboration is the best option.
Team management experts see transparency as a way to make everyone feel that they are part of the team. As such, before undertaking any changes or difficult situations, it is best to be upfront: Give a convincing and clear explanation for what is happening.
You should indicate how this change will better the perspectives of the team or how it will help the clients. However, not all team members may get it the first time. They will need to see firsthand, how this change will improve their prospects. In other words, talk openly with each one of the members. Pause and make sure you are fruitful conversation.
Let them ask questions and present their doubts. Give them honest and tangible answers. Good team management starts when all employees see themselves as an integral part of the work.
Once everyone understands the situation, the project manager should present and outline a plan to get through it. While you can contribute ideas and advice that will help to move in the right direction, let the team determine and develop guidelines to follow. In this way, those working feel involved and the plan has a greater chance of success.
Leave the ‘because I said so’ to the side. That alone will cause friction and put you against the team and the members will never want to contribute, even when the difficult times have passed. Let everyone contribute and comment, and once a final plan has been decided upon, communicate it clearly so that everyone knows what it is and can consult it.
Now, it is time to launch the plan! Your job as team manager will be to ensure that every member knows what tasks to develop, and that no one falls out of line. It is easy for any team member to make small mistakes as the plan develops. Ask them to all make sure that they know what each of their other team members are supposed to be doing, so that they can pitch in if necessary.
Of course the plan should be modified if other difficult situations arise. Being adaptable is another important point to consider with regard to project management.
Once the rough patch has passed, evaluate the work done and congratulate all those involved. Everyone will feel more motivated, and will know that they can deal with the bumps along the way.

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