ITM Platform Services

ITM Platform services are designed to help you achieve a successful deployment.

Deploy ITM Platform safely, in less than two weeks

Online Training

Everything your team needs to learn

Initial training

ITM Platform offers training packages of four, six, or ten hours duration.

The official ITM Platform courses enable you to obtain certification, depending on the course and license type.
Note: A training package is required when contracting ITM Platform for the first time.

Refresher courses

Free of charge, all users will have access to regular customer courses. Each course lasts one hour and explains in-depth some of the product's functionalities, from advanced portfolio management to the use of the API for non-programmers.

Implementation Service

Achieve a successful implementation in two weeks

What it Offers

  • Deployment of ITM Platform software
  • Best Practices Recommendations
  • Roadmap
  • Team Training

The implementation service can be provided by ITM Platform or by one of its advanced partners. It has a fixed price and has the ITM Platform guarantee.

User Support

Your best ally in day-to-day operations

All users will have access to the support service, accessible both from the application and email.

Doubts, issues, and suggestions for improvements, all in one place with a fast and friendly response.

Advanced Business Configuration

Tailor ITM Platform to your needs

ITM Platform is a scalable system. Adapting it and making it coexist with your applications is one of the keys to success.

  • Functionality extensions
  • Connectors with your applications

Adapting ITM Platform is the best way to connect your project portfolio management to your business needs.

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