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3 October, 2019
Implementation of a PMO: people, organization and documentation

The users are the ones that bring a project management system to life, either as collaborators or external consultants. It is imperative that the PMO believes, manages and offers support to all of them.

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6 February, 2019
4 questions revealing the need of a PMO in an organization

4 Questions to ask to see if your PMO is heading in the right direction.

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7 January, 2019
How to choose the type of project office that best fits your organization

A proactive of PMO implementation measures and ultimately determines how a plan promotes corporate strategy. A tactical PMO focuses more on individual project progress. Different types of task PMO are: tactical PMO and strategic PMO

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8 August, 2018
The 6 most useful applications for PMO II

A PMO's daily work is no easy task. For this reason, we listed another 6 useful apps to make your life a lot easier.

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20 June, 2018
The corporate PMO

Corporate PMOs are also generally known as Enterprise PMOs or EPMOs .EPMOs are the most important tool for ensuring true implementation of the corporate strategy in all aspects of the company.

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8 March, 2018
The global challenges of the PMO

Project Managers consider the most difficult challenges factors in the management of a PMO. ITM Platform launched an online questionnaire composed of 17 questions aimed at studying the maturity of PMOs.

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31 January, 2018
The 7 most useful apps for PMOs

When we talk about project management tools, we often think about gantt charts, project plans and project reports. But when the user is a PMO officer, things are quite different. You probably haven’t thought of all these apps to help you manage your project portfolio. Read more here...

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30 August, 2017
CIOs lead a PMO... even if they don't know it

PMOs have become a clear model for the management of internal projects in large corporations. For this reason, it is also worth remembering the contrary statement: that the CIOs lead the PMO of internal technology projects.

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6 June, 2017
The Agile PMO

It is not clear what an agile PMO is or how it is structured. It is becoming increasingly urgent to clarify this aspect, since many teams and even entire organizations, especially in the field of software and application development, rely entirely on agile methodologies such as SCRUM.

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1 March, 2017
9 barriers to knowledge transfer in project-based organizations

Within each project, reaching a knowledge baseline explicitly shared by all key team members can be tricky. In this article, we take a look at the 9 obstacles to knowledge transfer between projects.

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