Implementation service

The implementation service guarantees the frictionless roll-out of ITM Platform and its adaptation to customer organizations and their way of working. Customers will receive counseling and support during the initial period to train and capacitate their entire team and manage change in the development of their project-based organization.

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Creating the work environment

ITM Platform provides an online environment to manage projects, programs and portfolio that can be used from the first minute. After the creation of the environment, we will customize it to adapt it to your organization’s processes. We will then train your team to make sure that they are informed of all available functionalities and of ITM Platform best practices.

Planning session

Understanding priorities is vital to guarantee that ITM Platform meets your organization’s project management practices. This session covers the following areas:

  • Objectives and needs of your organization
  • Change management plan
  • Implementation plan

In this first session of the implementation service we will provide the ITM Platform settings and usage guidelines that allow to automate data uploads.

Set-up session

In the settings session you will receive training on how to customize ITM Platform settings to suit your needs and workflows. This session covers the following topics:

  • Initial data upload
  • Initial settings:
    • Terminology
    • Organization
    • Costs and Providers
    • Revenue and Customers
    • Roles

Project managers training

Project managers will be taught how to plan and manage execution in terms of deadlines, tasks, team, budgets, monitoring, etc. After this session, project owners will be able to create projects, define teams, plan tasks and monitor projects.
Additionally, valuable insights are offered on how to tailor project methodologies and best practices on ITM Platform to organizational processes.

Team members training

Task owners are the powerhouse of any project. This session is aimed at efficient team management regarding the following aspects:

  • Communication and collaboration
  • Task reporting and monitoring
  • Use of ITM Platform’s app for smartphones

This training session is particularly relevant to ensure that task owners are properly trained to start using ITM Platform.

Executive on-boarding

Executive buy-in into the implementation service is vital to ensure proper change management. Although the participation of the board in training session is often challenging, this session has been designed specifically to stimulate the board in the establishment of a project-based organization.

Performance indicators

Performance indicators are used to know to which extent are project objectives met. This session focuses on the different tools that ITM Platform avails in order to analyze the most important indicators:

  • Dashboards and reports
  • Monitoring tools
  • Communication systems

Premium support

The best way to successfully implement ITM Platform is to rely on our support team. ITM Platform offers continuous consultations, and guarantees quick responses in case of any issues. You will be able to contact with our support team through e-mail, real-time chat, telephone, or through our ticketing system.