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14 May, 2019
Strategic alignment: Selecting the most valuable project portfolio for your business

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17 November, 2016
Qualitative risk analysis: an example within the videogames sector

ITM platform has online risk assessment matrix to estimate the comparative weight of Qualitative analysis for video gamers

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18 October, 2016
A dozen techniques to identify risks

In this article we will discuss a selection of the twelve most interesting techniques. Note that the best results will depend on how you use a combination of different techniques to extract the maximum amount of valuable information.

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13 October, 2016
6 Steps to control risk

In this article we will discuss the six steps to controlling risk for risk managers, as broken down in the PMBOK: planning, identification, qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, response planning and monitoring.

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10 October, 2016
How to become a Risk Manager: Certificates and training

If you want to become a risk manager, you will need to combine two types of training. We recommend visiting our blog on a regular basis where you can find up-to-date risk management and project products.

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6 October, 2016
Our new risk assessment matrix is online

We have created free online tool so you can analyze and share sets of risks in a very simple way. Our Risk Assessment Matrix is a free project management tool where you can analyze and share all risks in very simple way.

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20 September, 2016
What are the main risks in project management?

When implementing a project, no matter how well planned, knowledge of the scope and context in which the project and the forecasts for the future unfolds, there is always a certain margin for error, which is represented in the risks. Discover more about the main risks associated with Project Management.

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25 August, 2016
Risk Management …The What, the Why and the What to Do

Wise project managers will identify the project risks in the early stages of the project to give themselves more time to develop a plan on how they can avoid them if they arise. However, risk management is an ongoing activity and can’t be done just once.
Here are a few key components of risk management.

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29 February, 2016
Project risk management fundamentals

Risk can be defined as an uncertain event or condition that, if it occurs, has a negative effect on a project’s objectives. Proper risk management can make our project avoid, or at least minimise, the negative impact of these problems. Risk management is one of the knowledge areas that Project Managers need to manage efficiently.

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7 April, 2015
Corporate environmental factors that affect project management

Environmental factors can greatly influence a company´s management and resources that are often times required to complete a project.

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