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The Agile PMO

It is not clear what an agile PMO is or how it is structured. It is becoming increasingly urgent to clarify this aspect, since many teams and even entire organizations, especially in the field of software and application development, rely entirely on agile methodologies such as SCRUM.

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Scaling agile to the enterprise in hybrid models

Agile is a flexible way of working in which an enterprise facilitates its people to work where, how, and when they want – with high resilience and fewer constraints – to boost up their performance and provide “best in class” value with customer compliance. Read more here…

A critical discussion of project value

In order to understand the business value of a project we have to put it into the context of the organization: its mission, vision, strategy and goals. We must understand the environment it operates in: customers, competitors, regulatory and legal considerations. How does the organization get things done, i.e. what are the processes and tools used?  What resources and competences does the organization have? How is the organization structured and governed?

Project’s success definition is broken

Project value has changed a lot over the past decades. In our parents’ generation, the idea of a project was linked to two professional profiles: architects and engineers. Where the architect combined artistic creativity and practicality, and the engineer due to his capacity of imposing his vision to nature, connecting long distances through bridges, roads, oil pipelines and great achievements such as the airplane and the television…

Discussing Project Value with Mats Malmstrom

As a warm-up to our upcoming webinar, we discuss with Mats Malmström the importance of project value and project culture, and how they sometimes get thrown in as an afterthought. Mats is owner of LYM Consulting and a multi-talented management consultant with more than 25 years of experience as executive sponsor, program and project manager…

Does Working from Home as a Project Team Member Really Work?

Many people are discovering that working from home is a great advantage, and companies are inclined to agree. Hiring a contractor over an employee, and using that employee to build a virtual team for projects, is advantageous in a number of ways. Read more here…

3 Tips to Increase Productivity in Your Business

Contrary to what many people think, productivity is not only related to producing larger quantities of products or serving more customers. Productivity today involves efficiency…

Principles of change management in organizations

Companies usually underestimate the scale of change that is necessary when implementing a new corporate technology or when changing the type of customer or type of product or service.

On Gamified Project Management

Project management has followed the same trend. There are a lot of formal requirements, particularly towards certifications, that can be met with dull courses. But everybody knows that learning the PMBOK by heart won’t turn you magically into a certified project manager. Read more here…