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The competencies of a portfolio manager

The soft skills of a portfolio manager are similar to those of a project manager, only that they become much more important in the total valuation of the profile. In this article we see that competencies are needed to improve as portfolio manager.

How to manage your task portfolio with Trello

To manage tasks, Trello is one of the best tools available. However, if you need to manage resources or project portfolios, this is not the right solution. But there is a way to manage tasks with Trello and at the same time manage a portfolio management…

The corporate PMO

What is the difference between a corporate PMO and a PMO with a managerial nature hosted in a smaller organization? We review the main features.

Mission and development of an IT PMO

An IT PMO has control over all the IT projects of an organization. Its focus, therefore, is oriented to everything related to technological architecture, development, and systems.

Dealing with resistance to change when adopting a new PPM software

A PPM software is a vital tool to compete because it provides an unbiased and clear view of the status of the whole portfolio of projects. However, resistance to change can hinder the adoption of a corporate software. In this post, we cover some of the mechanisms available to successfully face these challenges.

The global challenges of the PMO

Project offices deal with common difficulties regardless of sector, company size or its geographical distribution. A survey done to more than 400 companies reveals that there are common patterns. In June 2017, ITM Platform launched an online questionnaire...

The 7 most useful apps for PMOs

When we talk about project management tools, we often think about gantt charts, project plans and project reports. But when the user is a PMO officer, things are quite different. You probably haven’t thought of all these apps to help you manage your project portfolio. Read more here…

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