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14 May, 2019
Strategic alignment: Selecting the most valuable project portfolio for your business

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13 March, 2019
5 keys of success when it’s time to build a Project Management Office

In this article, we discuss 5 keys to success when it comes to build a Project Management Office.

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4 July, 2018
The 10 areas of knowledge. 10: Stakeholders management

The last area of knowledge of the PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge) covers the best practices to manage the relationship with stakeholders.

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5 July, 2017
The power of words: communicating change

Effectiveness of internal change projects requires effective leadership that is able to be influential without coercion, to persuade through seduction, and to recognize the complexity of influence in corporate settings. Read more here...

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9 May, 2017
3 pieces of advice to be a better leader of remote teams

Project managers and PMO officers muster a highly technical skill set. However, the soft skills in which they need to be well-versed in order to be recognized as leaders have become one of the toughest areas of excellence for any project-based organization. Read more...

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26 January, 2017
How to add value to your projects with internal communication policies

One of the challenges facing CEOs is improving internal communication. The challenge of this policy is to proceed with communication without restricting it.

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24 November, 2016
ITM Platform Teambot, or how to put users in focus

Find out what our new project management app for Slack can teach you about successful software adoption.

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11 November, 2016
5 reasons you should be using Slack for team collaboration

Project-based channels are a great way to ensure that the right people are always getting the right information on time. Slack can be one of these channels and their search box can become a powerful database of everything that is going on in your company!

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26 September, 2016
Why Project Management needs to be integrated with social media?

In this article, we discuss how social networks are a tool used to incorporate marketing strategies and project management and how every day they are more important and crucial to success.

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20 July, 2016
Top tips to collaborate virtually

What happens when those who are meant to collaborate are geographically separated, physically incapable of meeting with one another? The answer is virtual collaboration. Rather than having projects run on generic face-to-face communication, businesses become reliant on technology-mediated communication.

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