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How to make remote work a success

There are unique opportunities and challenges that come with working remotely. Here we define what remote teams are, explore advantages and disadvantages and how to successfully work from home.

Discussing Project Value with Mats Malmstrom

As a warm-up to our upcoming webinar, we discuss with Mats Malmström the importance of project value and project culture, and how they sometimes get thrown in as an afterthought. Mats is owner of LYM Consulting and a multi-talented management consultant with more than 25 years of experience as executive sponsor, program and project manager…

3 pieces of advice to be a better leader of remote teams

Project managers and PMO officers muster a highly technical skill set. However, the soft skills in which they need to be well-versed in order to be recognized as leaders have become one of the toughest areas of excellence for any project-based organization. Read more…

How to manage multiproject organizations

Guest blogger Albert Garriga discusses two methods to manage multiproject organizations based on two well-known project management methodologies: Critical Chain and Earned Value.

Collaboration generates project value

Imagine that you could quantify the value that collaboration contributes to your projects. Discover how to optimize your project collaboration.

Collaboration guide for project managers

Although collaboration is an essential principle for a modern and innovative organization, it is worth remembering that it is not recommendable to embrace collaboration at all costs. Learn a few tricks to strike the balance!

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