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Top tips to collaborate virtually

What happens when those who are meant to collaborate are geographically separated, physically incapable of meeting with one another? The answer is virtual collaboration. Rather than having projects run on generic face-to-face communication, businesses become reliant on technology-mediated communication.

Top Tips for Communicating Better in a Virtual Project World

Computers and technology are becoming much more integrated and crucial in today’s workforce. Businesses have operations across the globe; causing face-to-face interaction is becoming less of an option and virtual teams more of a reality. Here are some top tips for communicating better in a virtual project world.

Organizations will run off remote jobs

The best way to understand remote teams is to think of them as small groups of people who are committed to achieving specific company objectives. They often work for the same company and answer to the same boss but live in different cities or even countries. You can also think of remote teams as being similar to virtual ones.

Are interpersonal skills important in a leader?

Si como project leader quieres conseguir el éxito en tu proyecto de trabajo, debes ser consciente de que vas a necesitar más habilidades que tus conocimientos técnicos. Tu capacidad de establecer relaciones interpersonales con los miembros del equipo es determinante para obtener buenos resultados finales.

Working through tough times: Motivation

Nowadays, many companies have decided that teamwork is the most effective method of getting things done. But what happens during difficult times like a change of deadline, or change in work approach? Then you, as the person in charge of the project’s...

Project Team

Nobody doubts the importance of the project team but it is not always so easy to identify those of us who can consider ourselves part of the project team. The project team usually consists of a project manager and the team members involved in performing...

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