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Information and Communication

Information is power. With ITM Platform, you have total control over your organization’s projects. With that power comes the capacity to achieve outstanding management.

Integrated Social Network

Without communication, involvement falls by the wayside. Share all the information you think your teams need to know and receive collaboration in return thanks to a system based on social media networks that is just as easy to use.

  • Simple to use- just like LinkedIn
  • A communication system that adapts to the working context
  • A permission and security system that forms part of the projects
  • Send e-mails to the stakeholders
  • Integrated alerts system

Mobile App

ITM Platform can be taken with you anywhere by using the mobile app. If you need to use the software, the planner, the timesheets or other functionalities, you can. Because all your projects will be available for Android and iOS, with all the information in the Cloud.

  • Start/Stop button for the timesheet
  • Integrated collaboration system
  • Access to the project file and tasks
  • Connected in real time: any report from the mobile uses information taken from the dashboard
  • No extra cost


Your online space. Your dashboard. Your decisions. The ITM Platform dashboard collates information from all available tools, with data and graphics that can also be exported.

  • Pre-designed graphs and indicators
  • Updated in real time
  • Project modules, portfolio, customers, business targets, etc
  • Exportable information

Custom Report

ITM Platform designs customized reports according to your needs. Share these with your team, or create your own to use. It’s all in your hands.

  • Visual design drag drop
  • New system filters for execution and design
  • Public/private mode
  • Export native information to Excel

PMO Management

A project management office to provide you with support. An integrated system for creating custom templates to be used on various projects. A tool for consolidating and growing your company.

  • Portfolio management
  • Resource management
  • Communication management
  • Project templates, customization of organization terminology
  • Global overview and collated information

Custom Fields

Information is key and you decide how you want to manage it. To do so, ITM Platform allows you to add extra fields to the initial configuration of each function.

  • All sorts of fields
  • Multi-language
  • Option to create dynamic information lists
  • Adjustable

Multi-language / Multi-currency

There is nothing like a single system for a global environment. Choose the language and currency you need to work in to suit the various customers, suppliers and projects based on an environment that is available in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

  • Customizable parameters and models for each language
  • Language per user within the same organization
  • Multiple currencies for all economic fields
  • Consolidation using a single base currency


Control the status change of projects and define the project statuses path in your organization. Authorization schemes allow managers to approve or reject the status changes proposed by the team members.

  • Set the allowed destination statuses
  • Create rules to require authorization on status changes
  • Include advanced filters to set the conditions for authorizations
  • Assign one or more approvers
  • Requesters and approvers receive notifications in their messaging board

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