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Project Management

Managing a project well is a matter of finding the best solutions.

ITM Platform has them all.

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Agile Projects (Kanban)

Use agile project management and keep control stay in control of the big picture: Classic and Kanban projects managed in a single integrated portfolio.

  • Synchronized Kanban board
  • Custom columns
  • Integrated portfolio
  • Integrated social network
  • Documentation, monitoring and control

Gantt Chart

A Gantt chartwill allow you to plan, control and monitor timelines online. It's the best way to visualize everything and can be printed as required.

  • Baseline
  • Critical path
  • MS Project Imports
  • Drag & drop
  • Customizable
  • Weighted project progress
  • Online planning and monitoring
Diagrama Gantt

Task Management

Ensure simple and intuitive task completion with ITM Platform. Oversee all aspects of your projects, from departments and task managers to progress, priority and status.

Familiarize yourself with the files: each task is a file, meaning that you define the timeline for each one to start. A file is categorized according to the types of tasks involved for subsequent analysis and has its own prority level for easy control of any follow-up activity. Is is shared between the teams responsible for each corresponding tasks and designated task managers.

  • Assign the project team and task manager
  • Effort estimation (hours)
  • Procurement and revenue associated with the tasks
  • Task documentation
  • Status, monitoring, priority

Costs and Revenue

Be in control of all the costs and expenditures of each task, calculating the margin and properly monitoring them all. You always choose the level of detail that you want.

  • Estimated and real costs stemming from hours worked
  • External costs, goods and services
  • Forecast and real revenue
  • Cash flow
  • Project margin
Costos e ingresos
Planificación y seguimiento

Planning and Monitoring

Thoroughly plan each project ahead of time and oversee it to completion, correcting task definitions, redistributing team responsibilities and controlling any possible deviations.

  • Task definition, team sizing, cost estimation and effort
  • Pre-project status
  • Project and task monitoring
  • Distribution of monitoring responsibilities
  • Earned value, future scenarios, alerts and deviations

The Team

No one knows the right team for a project better than you do. With ITM Platform, select a project manager, then add team members within each project and assign them their responsibilities. Every time you assign projects, the chosen team members will receive notifications with basic information about their tasks.

  • Location of professional profiles in the resource bank
  • Assignment of roles and tasks in the project
  • Estimation of hours per team member and task
  • Project visuals and timesheet acceptance
  • Work breakdown structure (WBS) combined with task members
Gestión de riesgos

Risk & Issue Management

You no longer need to worry about the risks associated with the activity you are doing. If any unforeseen situations arise, you can control any deviations with a single click.
As project manager, once the risks have been identified on ITM Platform, you can easily classify and document them, implementing corrective measures. More importantly, this will be easier to do with the help of the assigned team members as they add their contributions online.

  • Register and manage risks. Control all issues.
  • Risk classification
  • Problems, bugs, change request
  • Customizable exposure level calculation
  • Assignment of managers
  • Mitigation and contingency plans
  • Impact on scope, schedule and budget

Document Management

Take control of any document with ITM Platform. Consolidate. provide feedback and work in the most comfortable way for you. You will always have access when and wherever you need . We give you everything you require to achieve your goals.

  • Unlimited document storage
  • Compatible with external links and storage systems
  • Links to projects, services, tasks, risks, procurement
  • Chat about documents
  • Customizable level of access
Gestión de documentos

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