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Programs and portfolio

If the portfolio is key, so too is portfolio management.

By working with ITM Platform, you guarantee that the keys to all your projects are in your hands.

Portfolio Management

Get access to a comprehensive overview of the portfolio with all the major frameworks: resources, budgets, margins, performance, financial analysis, calendars, etc..

  • Combined view of projects, programs and services
  • Financial analysis of costs and revenue
  • Individualized milestone monitoring
  • Project schedule and progress status
  • Portfolio dashboard


Gestión de portafolio
Gestión de programas

Program Management

When you have an objective and different projects focused on achieving that objective, group them based on business programs. With ITM Platform, you can create these standard management units to facilitate the coordination of effort and investment.

  • Component selection (projects and services)
  • Program budget, and estimated and real analysis of each component
  • Schedule, follow-up and management team
  • Alignment of objectives and projects
  • Relative value of projects
  • Strategic planning

Strategic Planning

In your organizationall work processes must drive your objectives.. Use this function with ITM Platform to align your strategic objectives with your business plans and budgets. Assign weight and value to each project, analyze your portfolio based on the efficiency frontier, experiment with and analyze various scenarios and always select the projects that best achieve your objectives.

  • Objective and criteria prioritization
  • Project evaluation
  • External scenarios versus project sets
  • Efficient frontier. Value of objectives versus project selections
  • Approval and monitoring of selected projects
Planificación estratégica

Service Management

Projects are the core of your company. And services are day-to-day operations that contribute toward their completion. Manage them properly! Use ITM Platform for everything related to services and note the difference.

  • Project teams, documentation, monitoring
  • Timesheets
  • Document management
  • Integrated resource management
  • Social communication between members of the service
  • Activity control

Corporate Portfolio

If the organization is growing, its activity monitoring system should expand with it too. ITM Platform collates all the information from the projects and services in various departments into a single overall portfolio. It will help you keep track of your vision.

  • Integrate portfolios from different companies
  • Convert different base currencies to a corporate currency
  • Equivalency map between portfolio parameters
  • Compatible with different languages and different exchange rates
Portafolio corporativo

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