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Costs and Revenue

Knowing the true costs of your activity means being in control!

Keep completely on top of your progress.

Cost Management

How do you control the costs of an activity? With ITM Platform, calculate the costs in relation to tasks, projects, hours worked and other criteria that guide your activity. It’s easy!

  • Project, service and program budget
  • Detailed estimates based on hours and/or external costs
  • Control of hours worked
  • External invoices: planning, real, status
  • Global budget overview

Revenue Management

How much are you earning and where exactly do these figures come from? Planning, monitoring and consulting results with ITM Platform ensures these question get answered!

  • Revenue planning
  • Link revenue to tasks or milestones
  • Invoice histories and tracking
  • Revenue per client

Margin and Profitability

Cost and revenue management will allow you access tools for planning and controlling margins and profitability of projects and clients

  • Graphs of projected costs and revenue with analysis
  • Project and service margin
  • Aggregated client profitability
  • Financial analysis of the portfolio

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