With ITM Platform, decide in advance what you want to see happen in your company and keep constantly abreast of the progress toward your goals.

Strategic Planning

Plan activities and allocate resources in advance and at the highest level.

  • Pre-project and Idea Management
  • Resource categorization
  • "What if? “scenarios for planning
  • Alignment with strategic objectives
  • General and detailed budget
Planificación estratégica
Planificación de proyectos

Project Planning

All the planning tools necessary to outline a project with the level of detail that you desire.

  • Pre-implementation project status
  • Project templates for new projects
  • Advanced Gantt chart planner
  • Allocation of resources and professional profiles
  • Continuous planning based on predicted scenarios

Resource Planning

When deciding who does what, first choose the most comprehensive tool. Use ITM Platform to allocate and assign services and projects. Appoint task managers, project managers, service and activity managers. Deal with overstaffing or lack of resources in "professional profiles" in advance.

  • Assign individuals or professional profiles to tasks
  • Load and productivity analysis
  • Categorization of employees and resources
  • Indicator and dashboard
  • Resource analysis based on statistics
Planificación de recursos
Seguimiento integral

Comprehensive Monitoring

Monitor the status of the portfolio, tasks and projects in relation to the cost, deadline and revenue at all times.

  • Control hours reported
  • Task, project, program and portfolio progress indicators
  • Oversee costs (external costs and hours)
  • Control revenue and profit margin
  • Monitor relevant successes


Earned Value

Incorporate the new Earned Value Management system. It allows you to evaluate project performance by comparing real and estimated costs while using the most useful indicators and graphs to produce results in concrete figures.

  • Performance indicators
  • Graphs integrated into progress reports
  • Use three different scenarios to project project costs
Valor ganado

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