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6 December, 2017
5 reasons why you should integrate your ERP with a PPM software

In this article, we provide the keys regarding the limits of each tool and tips for a successful integration between a Project Portfolio Management system and an ERP.

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19 July, 2017
Portfolio prioritization of innovation projects

Managing the portfolio of innovative projects incurs many challenges, heading the innovation strategy and the greatest challenge is to have a tool that makes it easy to determine the importance of each project in order to give priority to its development

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12 July, 2017
Your bank's mobile app would not exist without unified Project Portfolio Management

The transition towards more and more digital users has forced this sector provide online banking services,and mobile applications.

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28 June, 2017
Everything you should include in a project status report

Every project needs a status report , also known as progress report, in which the status of the project is clearly, accurately and objectively reported.

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6 June, 2017
The Agile PMO

It is not clear what an agile PMO is or how it is structured. It is becoming increasingly urgent to clarify this aspect, since many teams and even entire organizations, especially in the field of software and application development, rely entirely on agile methodologies such as SCRUM.

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1 June, 2017
7 essential project indicators when managing your portfolio

Portfolio indicators are paramount to have a global view of the organization and its performance. In this article, we review the list of the most important.

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25 August, 2016
Risk Management …The What, the Why and the What to Do

Wise project managers will identify the project risks in the early stages of the project to give themselves more time to develop a plan on how they can avoid them if they arise. However, risk management is an ongoing activity and can’t be done just once.
Here are a few key components of risk management.

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