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The adventure of polymers: How to base a start-up in program management

The day to day operations of Onyriq include the management of its research projects with ITM Platform. “We work with ITM Platform for both the execution of our projects and the development of proposals to clients, Since we calculate the differences between the proposal and the actual project (in budget, time and activities), that allows us to better know its profitability.” Read more here…

CIOs lead a PMO… even if they don’t know it

PMOs have become a clear model for the management of internal projects in large corporations. For this reason, it is also worth remembering the contrary statement: that the CIOs lead the PMO of internal technology projects.

Portfolio prioritization of innovation projects

Managing the portfolio of innovative projects incurs many challenges, heading the innovation strategy and the greatest challenge is to have a tool that makes it easy to determine the importance of each project in order to give priority to its development

The power of words: communicating change

Effectiveness of internal change projects requires effective leadership that is able to be influential without coercion, to persuade through seduction, and to recognize the complexity of influence in corporate settings. Read more here…

Project indicators: the difference between estimated and actual percentages

There are many more metrics to consider when measuring management effectiveness, project profitability, and even the contribution to the long-term objectives of the organization. Cost and time measures are a start, but it is important to complement them. There are now multiple measures that monitor the project during its development and allow for a more accurate analysis. Read more here.

Change Management Concepts and Definitions

ike all sciences and disciplines, project management and change management have a particular language. In this way, a better understanding of professionals in this field is achieved, which can be communicated without creating ambiguities. However, for newcomers in these areas, terminology can be complex and confusing. Read more here…

The Agile PMO

It is not clear what an agile PMO is or how it is structured. It is becoming increasingly urgent to clarify this aspect, since many teams and even entire organizations, especially in the field of software and application development, rely entirely on agile methodologies such as SCRUM.